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Deep Sky Gallery is dedicated to the art and science of photography. Objects in nature, particularly the night sky, inspire scientific and intellectual curiosity. They are worthy of deep aesthetic appreciation; awe inspiring forms produced by physical forces difficult for the human mind to grasp.

The images presented here are the product of the Covington Observatory. State of the art telescopes, mounts, digital cameras and software are used to produce the images presented here. While a great deal of scientific expertise and engineering make the images possible, please enjoy the images for what they are intended…artistic

About Our Work

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Each image is available as a High-resolution data file (exclusive rights or non-exclusive) or as a Giclee fine-art print. Print sizes range from 20 x 20 inches (perfect as an accent piece in the powder room) up to 46 x 92 inches (on the wall over the living room sofa). Photographic prints are limited edition and signed by the artist/owner. They are mounted, ready for display on a Premium Dura-Plaq (trademark symbol) backing made of eco-friendly materials with a blackened beveled edge. The surface of the print is then covered with a water-proof polymer sheet; UV resistant and easy to clean.

Contact Us

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For Astrophotography questions Please contact us at: deepskygallery@gmail.com

For Denver Digital fine-art prints, contact: Customerservice@theslideprinter.com

For the developer of the site, please contact: davidfales@codecrafty.dev


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